Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MapMyWalk: September 2014

September was a rough month. I know that it's because I spent eleven days traveling instead of being at home. No matter how good of choices you try to make, assuming that you always try to make good choices, eating out will never be as healthy as eating at home. It just doesn't work that way. Then there's being away from your daily routine, and trying ti fit exercise into a busy travel schedule (which I did manage to do, but still) it's rough. So although there was some weight loss in September, it's not as much as I was hoping for coming off of August. That's ok though, because I now have momentum to regain to head into October.

September stats:
75.81 Total Miles
19.69 Total Hours
11661 Total Calories

In the month of September, I took 366,795 steps (which includes all walking, not just exercise). For 2014, I have completed 557.65 miles, which leaves 42.35 little miles to hit my goal of 600 for the year!

Statistically this seems to be the time of year that I begin to lose steam and coast through the holidays with a few extra pounds. Then January comes, and I'm go through this whole "dang, I wasted the whole freaking year again" monologue and get angry at myself for not being that much better off at the start of the new year than I was last year, etc, over an over, rinse and repeat. So this year I'm determined to break that cycle. Honestly I can't afford to lose momentum because I do have a 10k in February, so I really can't let anything stand in my way of being able to do my best in that.

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