Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween 2014 - Let's get started!

This year has been pretty difference from many of our pumpkin carving years. It's been so HOT in Texas, we have been very concerned about our carving endeavors. We purchased 40 pumpkins, and before we even cut a single one open we lost 3. It's always a sad day to lose a pumpkin early, but Nana made the best out of it and cooked up the biggest one. She ended up with 9 bags of pumpkin stuff so we will have plenty of pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, and muffins. I'm ok with that.

On Saturday, I carved a pumpkin to take to church for our Autumn Festival. We sat it on the registration table and it was a huge hit. This was an original pattern:
We started tracing patterns onto the pumpkins on Friday and finished up on Monday. We decided to gut our 37 pumpkins starting on Tuesday. I was pretty much a one woman carving machine all day. I managed to get 25 gutted and ready to go, then finished the final 11 on Wednesday morning. At about 1:30, I began carving. Kate did her first pumpkin of the year with Yiayia's help, and then Vickie and Bill each carved one. I finished 9 for the day.
Kate's pumpkin:
 Bill's pumpkin:
 Vickie's pumpkin:
My pumpkins:

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