Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Little Gymnast

Kate started gymnastics in the beginning of September and really loves it! A local cheer and gymnastics coach offers classes once a week at the Saginaw Community Center. They have all kinds of mats to use, and although it isn't a full blown gym set-up, it offers a great introduction for the girls.  Miss Julie is a tiny little thing and just a blast. Kate liked her the minute she met her.

Classes are closed to parents, but we are allowed to go in the last 5 minutes of class to watch them do a trick for the day, whatever they happened to work on that day. This past week I took a few pictures with my phone while I watched.
 Kate is able to do a bridge on her own now, whereas when she started she had to have help pushing herself up with her arms. I'm proud of her! She's still working on getting her feet up in the air on a cartwheel, but I think she will get there soon.

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