Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pre-school Party!

Thursday we were allowed to bring cupcakes to Kate's class at pre-school to have a little party with her friends there. She had been wearing the birthday crown all day, and she was really excited when they came in from recess to find Mommy and Daddy hanging out in her classroom with plates all set up for the party.
I made Frozen cupcakes and ordered sugar snowflakes to put on the top. Blue icing probably wasn't the best choice for pre-schoolers, since many of them ended up with it all over themselves, but the kids really seemed to enjoy it.
I also put together a goody bag for each classmate with a light up Frozen sticker, a party blower, and a Frozen ring in each one. They were very excited about their light up stickers and rings! Even the boys got a kick out of everything.

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