Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving at Pop's

We spent Thanksgiving at Pop's house this year. Nick is in the middle of a big project at work, but he was able to work things out so that we could go to Forney on Wednesday and spend the night, giving us more time to hang out with everyone. We really didn't get to spend a lot of time with Kylie and Logan this year, so Kate was more than ready to see her cousins as long as possible.
Jason, Heather, Nick and I happily volunteered to make a grocery store run on Wednesday evening, which led us to two different stores in search of a can of cherry pie filling. I'm fairly certain that had we been unsuccessful in locating the filling, Thanksgiving would have been canceled. Luckily the fancy Kroger in Forney came through.
On Thursday, we started the day by playing outside, well the kids and the guys did anyway. They headed down to the park for a while and rode bicycles and scooters. We worked on preparing the food and then it was time for everyone to pitch in and get lunch ready for the big feast. Everything was a bit of a team effort, so we had a lot of fun helping each other and bumping into each other in the kitchen. Finally we were able to sit down and fill our bellies! Dessert followed a little too soon, as it always does, and once we had really over-indulged it was time to head back out to the park to play some more and run off our calories. After that the kids and Nannie made some snowmen.
I got the bright idea to head to Walmart that evening because they were opening for Black Friday shopping on Thursday night. There were a couple of things I hoped to pick up, but nothing that was going to be a complete disappointment if I missed out on. I mostly just wanted to go see how crazy it was and get out of the house for a bit. Jason and Pam ended up joining me, and we had a blast with hundreds of other bargain shoppers. We didn't get anything that we had to stand in line for, we mostly shopped the cheap deal items that were placed all over the store. We discovered that people were discarding items they had talked themselves out of in the clothing departments while waiting in line to check out, so we shopped amongst the piles of stuff hiding everywhere for a while as we waited our turn to pay. It was actually not too crazy at all and we had a lot of fun. I might just do it again next year!

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