Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas at Grandma Peggy's

Papa Joe flew down again for Christmas at his mom's. We headed over early this time (we were a little late on Thanksgiving) and filled our bellies. I think Nick stopped at 5 pieces of cherry pie, tying his Thanksgiving consumption. This count doesn't include the whole pie that he brought home with him though. I snapped a picture of him while he was in the middle of piece #4.
Amber and James brought their new baby...and I mean, really new. Little Bryson was only 11 days old! He was dressed as a little elf and everyone took turns holding him and snuggling with the little guy. He's doing really well.
 Unfortunately the weather was just a bit cold and misty out so we weren't able to go outside to play soccer as we usually do. Kate wasn't very happy about that, but she found other ways to burn off energy inside until finally we had to take her home because she was getting a little bit wild.

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