Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

As is tradition, we spent Christmas Eve at Yiayia's house. The tree was overflowing with gifts, which also seems to be a tradition for Yiayia's house as well. We have one spoiled little girl on our hands, people. (Okay, we might all be a little spoiled...)
Everyone received gifts they were excited to get. I purchased an art print of the lighthouse that Yiayia, Bill, and Nana visited on their trip this past summer to Maine. It was done by a local artist. I think they were pretty surprised by that one (score point for Brandi!) and Nick was pretty excited about his special Spiceworld mug I had made for him.
 Kate was thrilled with the new baby doll that Yiayia bought her, which came with a trunk full of doll dresses handmade by Yiayia and Nana. There was a dress representing each Disney princess. It was quite a special gift, that's for sure.
 There were also some pirate gifts for Kate. She loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior. She and Bill have always had a good time playing a game of pirates at the house, where they search for buried treasure and Bill has to make treasure maps for them. I see many more days of pirate games in their future.

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