Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

When we arrived home on Christmas Eve, Kate set out cookies and chocolate milk for Santa before going to bed. Santa was happy she wanted to do chocolate milk instead of white milk. 
 On Christmas morning, I was awakened at 7:30 by a little voice whispering "Mommy, it's Christmas morning." I had to convince her to stay in bed so Mommy could go check things out in the living room, get the camera ready and turn on the Christmas lights for she had to convince Daddy to get up as well. Here's her haul before she attacked it all:
Nick covered her eyes as he walked her into the living room, and her reaction to seeing everything was pretty amazing. I don't think she knew where to start, actually. She tore into the Build a Bear boxes first, and it took her a few minutes to spot the Frozen scooter she had been asking for.
Santa finished out her collection of Build a Bear My Little Ponies with Trixie and Princess Celestia, despite the fact that pretty much the last thing Kate needs is more stuffed animals. Way to go, Santa. Please, Build a Bear people, stop making more My Little Ponies, ok?
The Barbie Dream House was a huge hit and Elsa moved right in. I'm not sure why Barbie didn't get to see the house first, but I don't question the girl in charge. All I know is this thing is massive and we are going to have to do some design work to make it fit nicely in her room.
Nick and I began preparing food for the big feast and Kate played and asked me a million times when Uncle Trey was going to be here and what time was it now and is it time for Grandma to get here, over and over and over and over. She finally just decided to stand at the front door and wait for them to all arrive at 12:30. We ate and then they pulled out some board games and played while we waited on Nick and Richard to go get the desserts that Mom forgot she was supposed to bring over.
After dessert, it was time for presents! We got some more gift cards for our Disney trip (woohoo!) and Kate got more boots and games and fun stuff. Trey's reaction to opening the socks I bought him was pretty funny....but he was happier once he realized I had hidden his Playstation gift cards inside them. Mom of course loved her red sequined boots.
We decided that evening to go to Texas Motor Speedway and drive through the Gift of Lights display they have set up. It travels under the stands and they have lots of light scenes set up...but it's really not worth the $20 it cost and was kind of lame. The grown ups were all disappointed, but Kate thought it was great. The best part was the light tunnel at the very end.

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