Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Girl's Shopping Day

Yesterday we met Heather and Olivia in Rockwall for a day of shopping. Heather was on the hunt for some lamps for her bedroom and curtains. I didn't need anything in particular, but ended up buyinga couple of small things anyway.
Kate and Olivia exchanged their Christmas ornaments to each other. Olivia got Elsa for Kate, and Kate gave Olivia a Cinderella ornament. They've been going that for three years now, rather than giving each other a toy or something that they won't remember. This way they will always have their ornaments from each other.
It was cold out, but we manged to hit up several stores before finding Heather's lamps and curtains (Thank you, TJ Maxx). Shortly after that, Olivia was getting tired and Kate and I were facing some heavy traffic getting back home if we didn't leave soon, so we parted ways. We're down to just a few months before they are back in Texas permanently and then we can plan these types of little shopping days more often!
Next time we will see the Hooks family? Disney trip, 2015!!

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