Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Girl's Weekend

It had been pretty much one year since my Texas scrapbooking friends and I had spent the weekend together, holed up away from society with out computers and scrapbooking supplies, giggling and eating M&Ms like they were fat free. So I was extremely excited when we all decided that we would once again get together for Super Bowl weekend. This time, Jeannie hosted the group at her new house in Hemphill, Texas, situated on the Toledo Bend Reservoir. We had a new face among the group this time as well as a second-timer. We were missing a couple of our regulars who couldn't come due to busy schedules. Apparently kids and jobs seem to think they're important!

The majority of us arrived on Thursday afternoon. I rode with Natalia (it's so fabulous having her just 15 minutes away for these things), so it wasn't a bad ride. It takes almost 5 hours from here, so riding alone can make for a really long trip. Natalia and I also share similar photography interests, so we were both willing and happy to jump out of the car when we spotted something we needed to shoot and also stretch our legs (and get those steps in!).
Thursday night we all went out to eat at a local place, but the rest of the weekend we did our usual cooking at home. We split up meals and snacks, so it's cost effective for everyone and healthier, most of the time. We won't count the insane amount of peanut M&Ms that we all consumed this weekend.

We don't just sit all weekend though, several of us either went running or walking during our weekend. Sherri and I even stepped in place during the 2 hour Biggest Loser finale, which equaled almost 6 miles of walking for me by the time it was over. I was tired!
I did a silly thing this trip. I don't do paper scrapbooking anymore, I make digital Blurb books now, so I had started 7 albums to work on while I was there. All computer stuff, right? I forgot one half of my power cord for my laptop! I left it laying on my desk...so frantically I contacted Nick and he was so awesome - he left work early on Friday, ran home to get my power cord, went to Fedex and over-nighted it to me. Otherwise I was going to have a very long, very unproductive weekend once my 4 hours of battery life ran out. Thankfully it arrived just in time!

I managed to finish all 7 of the albums I prepared beforehand, plus one extra little side project I did online. I was pretty impressed with myself. Now they're ready to upload and purchase, which I'll have to wait and do one at a time as I have money for that. They're not super cheap, around $60-$85 each depending on the thickness of each book. No rush though!
back: Cathy, Jeannie, Julie, Lynda, Natalia
front: Crystal, me, Sherri, and Susan
Hopefully it won't be another year before we all get together again. This is our 11th year of girl time and I can't imagine not seeing these ladies periodically!

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