Monday, February 23, 2015

RunDisney Vacation: Magic Kingdom...I was home.

Finally, Sunday it was time to hit Magic Kingdom. I so love Magic Kingdom. My plan for the day was to stay until they literally had to kick me out of the park. Everyone was going to the same park that day, so we were going to ride a few things together. Because I was completely exhausted, I wasn't there for rope drop. I slept in a little and rested before going. We had an early lunch reservation at Be Our Guest, the Beast's restaurant. On my way back, I met Lady Tremaine. She was a ton of fun! She wanted to know why I ran so far, on purpose...and I explained that it was for the bling. She totally understood, and we took my favorite selfie of the trip together.
Then came lunch, and I nearly cried I was so excited. Be Our Guest is beautiful! The detail is amazing, and my lunch was fantastic, and I HAD THE GREY STUFF on my cupcake! It was so yummy. I am so glad that we ate there. Best lunch in Disney.
After lunch I got to jump on the 7 Dwarves Mine Train for the first time of the day. I loved it so much!! Great little roller coaster - perfect for me because I don't like huge roller coasters, but I do enjoy a bit of a thrill. It was really smooth as well, and of course the theming is spot on. That's one thing Disney does extremely well. However I will admit that I walked around singing the dig, dig, dig song all day long. Heigh Ho!!!!!!
 That afternoon I met Tinkerbell and then we all met up to meet Mickey Mouse together. This particular Mickey Mouse talks!
 After the Festival of Fantasy parade (another fabulous parade!), we hopped the train and rode around to Fantasyland so that they could all get to their fastpass in Tomorrowland quicker. The crowds after the parade were really heavy, so it was easier to get around that way rather than try to walk upstream.
 That evening, I took advantage of everyone watching the fireworks and rode 7 Dwarves Mine Train again, and then hit up the Haunted Mansion twice. I also rode Pirates of the Caribbean while I was nearby. I stopped by Fairytale Hall and met Rapunzel and Cinderella too.
 So the #1 more difficult meet 'n greet in all of Disney World right now is Anna and Else. Shocking, I know. Their line is always at least 60 minutes, but often much longer than that. Fastpasses book 60 days out and are rarely available. So at 10:30, 30 minutes prior to park close, I walked by Fairytale Hall again and noticed that their wait time said 30 minutes. Well, why not? I got in line, which was moving pretty fast, and 20 minutes later I was finished and walking out the door at the back. Sweet!
 At this point it was almost closing time. I meandered through the castle, taking my sweet time as I was in no hurry to leave. This was my last day in the parks. Originally I was supposed to be flying out early Monday morning, but an ice storm at home caused me to have to move my flight to Tuesday. So Monday I was going to get a relaxing day at Downtown Disney instead of heading home, but it still wasn't the same as being in the park.
 I was standing right underneath the front of the castle when they played the kiss goodnight. Another teary moment. I've become some sort of weird Disney freak, really. I didn't even see it coming. I literally stood around the castle for another 10 minutes, not wanting to leave, and then started making my way down Main Street USA. I wandered in and out of shops, which were all still open because someone at Disney is a genius. The amount of people buying stuff left and right as if their life depended on it was crazy. I figure for a lot of people, it was the last night in the park and they felt like they needed one last thing. Or maybe they were just getting around to buying stuff on the way out so they didn't have to carry it around all day.
Finally, at 11:55 pm, I walked through the exit gate and headed towards my bus. I crawled into bed a little over an hour later.

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