Saturday, February 21, 2015

RunDisney Vacation: Post-Race Epcot Fun

Because I hate myself, or something close to it, I decided after the race that it was a great day to go to Epcot. Epcot requires a lot of walking. But I was floating on air so I didn't really feel much pain at that point. I showered, changed, and headed back to the big ball.

My first ride of the day was Soarin', and then I headed over to England for fish 'n chips for lunch. I walked around the World Showcase back to Japan, because one of the things I wanted to do while I was here was get another pearl in Japan to make myself a pair of earrings. I had brought my previous pearl from home with me, and went through the whole ceremony to pick another one for the second earring. This time I ended up with a 7 3/4 yellow pearl, which is bigger than my previous one. I left them with the jeweler so they could make my earrings while I went in search of ice cream. 
 I also met several characters at Epcot, some by accident (like Captain Hook) and some because I stood in line for a while. I took selfies with every single character I met, which was pretty fun.
 Goofy even ran around in circles with me, and Minnie took a photo with me in a running pose. I was wearing my "I did it" shirt all day, and I really should have worn my medal too but it was a tad awkward with my purse and camera around my neck too.
I was supposed to ride Spaceship Earth at one point, but I was literally too tired to make it over thee before my fastpass expired. I didn't really care that much at that point.

That evening I had purchased a ticket to the RunDisney Pasta in the Park party, and it turned out to be an Aladdin themed party so I got to meet Jafar, Genie and Abu, none of whom meet in the parks on a regular basis! Of course Aladdin was there again.
 I was planning on staying for Illuminations that night, and I managed to watch the first few minutes of it when I decided that I was far too tired to even care anymore. I headed out to the bus, and by the time I returned to my room that night my Fitbit was registering over 41,000 steps for the day...almost 16 miles. I was done. Exhausted. Finished. The tank was empty!

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