Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hooks/Korte Disney Vacation: Road Trip!

Friday morning Nick's alarm went off at 3 am and he hopped in the shower. He woke me up once he was out to begin getting ready, and by 4 we were on the road, heading to Mobile, Alabama for the night. We were en route to Florida! Time for the Korte Disney Trip.

Kate decided after we put her in the car that she would be wide awake for the rest of the day, so she watched movies in the back seat all day long. I slept for a few hours in the car so I would be able to take a shift driving after we stopped for breakfast, which occurred at Cracker Barrel in West Monroe, Louisiana. It's the road trip breakfast of champions, really. Breakfast cost us $4.45 because I had earned a $25 gift card from MyPoints.
We continued on, stopping for lunch in Hattiesburg, Mississippi at Chick-fil-a, which didn't cost us anything because we had two $10 gift cards. Since we weren't on a time schedule for reaching Mobile, and I needed to get my steps in for the day, we walked around a shopping center in Hattiesburg for a while. We were only two hours away from Mobile at this point.
We stopped to eat Mexican food at El Rancho (which was the same restaurant we had eaten at during our previous trip through Mobile) because it was next door to our hotel, and then we checked in for the night. Nick pretty much went straight to bed so we could repeat the whole routine today. I did a quick 30 minute workout in the room, Kate and I showered and spent a little time just relaxing before we both hit the sack too, only for the alarm to go off at 2:20 am.

Once again we were on the road before 4 am, only this time Kate went to sleep in the car, as did I. I got another 4 hours of sleep while Nick drove, and then after breakfast at Cracker Barrel again, I took over until we finished with lunch. We had some fun at a Busy Bee gas station during one of our rest stops. It rained off and on and then mostly on during the last few hours of our trip, which slowed us down a little bit.
Finally, we arrived in Lithia at Grandpa Jim's and Carol's house. It felt great to be out of the car, and Kate was happy to dance around the living room for a while. She really did very well in the car, all things considered. It was only the last 2 hours or so of the trip that she began to get a little bit whiny about when we would arrive. Most of the time she was content to watch her movies.

After showering, I felt human again, and then Kate convinced Carol to give her a manicure before we went to dinner at Ghengis Grill. Kate asked me during dinner if we were getting up in the middle of the night again tonight. Poor thing! She's been a trooper, and tomorrow all her patience will be rewarded when we check into our hotel in Disney!

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