Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Fellowship

We had Easter egg hunting festivities with our congregation a week early this year. One of the couples at church always (I assume) hosts a spring fellowship at their house. This was the first event we attended last year after we placed membership with Northwest. Coincidentally our one year anniversary with Northwest was also on our wedding anniversary date. Anyway, this year they served fried chicken and we all brought dishes to go along with that as well as a whole big table of desserts. That's one thing about church gatherings - we may run out of side dishes, but we shall never run out of desserts.
After we finished eating, the eggs were thrown about the front yard (there were a lot of eggs!) and the kids were let loose by age groups to grab as many as they could.  They had a lot of fun!
When the traditional egg hunt was finished, we waited just a little bit longer for the sun to go down and the glow eggs were brought out. The glow was achieved by rolling up a glow bracelet and putting it inside a plastic egg, which had to be taped shut because those bracelets were fighting back. These were also thrown about the yard and everyone went to town gathering glow eggs. This was super cool and I had never seen a glow egg hunt before.

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