Tuesday, February 24, 2015

RunDisney Vacation: Tuesday...Sad Day

It had finally arrived - time to head home. Away from the sunny skies and 77* temperatures, back to cold and sleet and snow. I was excited to see Nick and Kate, no doubt, but I wasn't looking forward to leaving. I was really enjoying myself.

I decided to explore my resort just a little and eat lunch rather than try to go anywhere else for the day. My only real option was back to Downtown Disney anyway. The Magical Express was picking me up at 2:15.

All Star Movies is a value resort, but it was really cute. The rooms were fine, a tad small, and my only real complaint is that we had full size beds rather than queen beds. I did enjoy the big statues all over the grounds. Each building was a different movie themed, and we stayed in Fantasia. It was really close to the front transportation, which was nice.
The Toy Story building was my favorite, and I had to go take some photos of it. The Toy Story movies are my favorite Disney movies, by far.
My flight landed in Dallas around 7:30, and Kate and Nick were there to pick me up. I was eager for the hugs and kisses for sure! On the way to grab a bite to eat before heading home, I told Kate that I was excited to show her my medal that I got for running, and her jaw opened wide. "You won??" she said. I had to explain that no, I didn't win, that everyone who finished the race received a medal. Then she said,
"Oh, I didn't know the losers got a medal too."

Out of the mouths of babes.....

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