Friday, March 13, 2015

10 years!

Happy anniversary to Nick and me! We celebrated 10 years yesterday, and boy did I surprise him! Ten years though! Double digits! That's so awesome.

Back in August I booked a 5 day cruise to Mexico in secret. I blame Carnival and the PVP assigned to me when I started poking around their website, because wouldn't you know he called to inform me they were having a deposit sale and I could book now and pay it off as I wanted! So that's what I did, and every single paycheck I put $50 towards the cruise. I paid it off in early February, and then booked our hotel room for Galveston the night before we sail for free because we had enough Wyndham points saved up, and then I went ahead and booked and paid for our cruise parking.

Do you know how hard it is not to tell people you're going on a cruise??! I was dying. Thankfully I had my Disney trips to keep me pre-occupied so it didn't seem obvious that I was constantly looking at cruise stuff, since I was instead constantly looking at Disney stuff. I feel pretty confident that I could be a Disney travel agent tomorrow, by the way. I even went ahead and got my passport in February and got everything ready to take Nick to get his when the time came. It only took 14 days for me to get mine, which was nice. Not that a passport is necessary for a Mexico cruise, but it's easier, from what I gather.

My plan was to reveal the cruise surprise to Nick yesterday on our anniversary. I made a photo album online that had photos and what we did plus any gifts we exchanged for each anniversary, starting with wedding pictures. The on the last page, I put this:
So my plan was to go get him from work, take him to lunch at Logan's in Lake Worth (Logan's Roadhouse is where we went on our very first date), give him the book, and then after lunch head over to the sub-courthouse and go to the passport office. I already had all of his paperwork filled out and all the necessary documentation he needed, along with the money order and cash. We were set...except that since Kate is out of school this week and Nana had a doctor's appointment yesterday, we ended up doing all of that a day early on Wednesday so that we didn't have to take Kate with us.
I actually filmed his reaction with my phone when he turned the final page, and he had a big smile on his face and said "We are? When?!" and then I handed him a print out of our itinerary. Score 1 for me on the surprise/awesome scale!
Yesterday I woke up to find a card on my computer which led me to a note in my car and a bag containing 6 of these beautiful glasses that I spotted the other day and had a fit over. (He pays attention.) Then later in the day, he delivered 10 red gerbera daisies (my favorite flower) to the house. They're beautiful! I also got another letter from him...apparently, there will be 10 letters in total, one for each year of marriage. But they will be random. He's a keeper.

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