Sunday, March 8, 2015

MapMyWalk: February 2015 Update

This is coming a little late since I was gone all last week, but here it is nonetheless:

February Stats:
Fitbit Steps: 383,234
Year-to-date Fitbit Steps: 759,101
Miles Ran: 22.74
Miles Walked: 36.89
Total Miles: 59.63

I completed my first 10k ever in February in 1:26:07 using 30:30 intervals the entire 6.2 miles. It worked out pretty well for me and for now, I will continue to use those intervals until I build up some strength to go longer during the run time. On the same day I ran my 10k, I went to Epcot for the day after and hit my highest ever one day step count: 41,628. That's crazy! I was so tired it's not even funny. 

On the 2015 in 2015 challenge, my team had a slower month in February and combined we only did 141.03 miles. We have 351.17 miles for the year with 1663.83 left to our goal.

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