Friday, April 24, 2015

Carnival Cruise Day 5: Final Sea Day

We managed to fill our final sea day with so much stuff that we barely had time to be bored today. We got up around 7 and ate breakfast in the Lido buffet. Then it was off to the main lounge for the morning show again, where I mentioned that Nick and I were celebrating our anniversary to our cruise director and he had a bottle of champagne and an autographed photo of the ship sent to our room this evening. He also gave us Carnival medallions, which I thought were pretty cool. We got the champagne tonight during our turn down service. Now since we don’t drink, we didn’t want to keep it, so we wandered around the ship until we found someone who looked like they would enjoy it. We stumbled across a group of friends playing cards in the library, and they all had wine glasses on the table so I popped in and asked if they wanted the bottle. They were very excited about free alcohol and it turns out that one of the couples in there had recently gotten married so it was a fun choice.
In case you are wondering about my little has turned a nice shade of purple, blue, and some green around my toe area and underneath it. Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt all that much when I walk, only when I try to move my toes in certain ways. So I don't think we have to amputate.
So back to this morning…after the morning show was over we stayed in the main lounge and did the towel folding class. We got to make a towel elephant and a puppy. We watched just a little bit of the towel animal theater, but left because I thought it was lame and shopped the clearance t-shirt sale instead. Then we went back to the future cruise and travel talk because they were having a couple of raffles, but we didn’t win anything.
By this time we had to head inside to the casino bar for one-hit wonder music trivia and then cartoon tunes trivia. Again, we lost both of them. We ran up 4 decks for a quick Guy’s Burger on Lido before going back down to deck 3 for the Love & Marriage show in the main lounge. It’s basically like a newlywed game and provided a good solid hour of laughing. When that ended, we had our first free time of the day so Nick did a little bit of studying and I walked around out on the front decks of the ship and took some photos and video. Mostly I just stared at the ocean as it went by. I took the opportunity to pack our things during this time as well because our luggage needed to be out in the hallway by 11 pm.

Before I knew it, we were getting dressed for dinner. We took a few more photos tonight at the Carnival backdrops, which we ended up buying a few, and then it was one last time to dinner with Kamal and the guys. For our appetizers, we shared a crab cake and I had asparagus vichyssoise, which is a cold asparagus soup. I really liked the taste of it, but I could not get past it being cold so I didn’t eat much. Soup should always be warm. Nick had two orders of sushi for his appetizer. For our main courses, Nick ordered their southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I had a grilled fillet of mahi mahi. Then again, for dessert, one last ramekin of deliciousness and my last taste of warm chocolate melting cake. I really, really wanted to order two of them. But I knew I would regret it. Nick had baked Alaska.
After dinner, we hit the comedy club for the PG show with John McDonnell. Then we headed to the main lounge again for the Big Easy show about New Orleans. The dancers and singers on the Triumph are extremely talented and entertaining. We had to head back to the comedy club after that to hear Azeem for his PG act.
I’m sad that this is our last night, but I am definitely ready to see my little girl and give her some great big hugs and kisses. We have had a really wonderful week though and I’m so thankful that we were able to take this trip together. I’m also ready to book the next cruise!

Our towel animal today:

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