Friday, May 1, 2015

MapMyWalk: April Update

April was an interesting month. I began having some trouble with my left foot (and no, that wasn't just from the toe injury on the cruise). Earlier this month I began noticing that the pain in the bottom of my left foot was getting worse after I would finish running. It sort of felt like a bad heel spur, but then I began to realize that the pain wasn't coming from my heel but rather the outside edge of my left foot, back near my heel. After feeling around down there I figured out where the bad spot was and began googling and talking to running friends about it. Now this is a total self-diagnosis, because I don't really want to pay for x-rays or MRIs, but I am fairly certain that I have a stress fracture. Pretty much the only thing you can do for that is to rest the bone, which means no running. That's a pretty big bummer for me, but at least it's not bad enough that I can't continue walking so for now, I'm back to that. 

April Stats:
Fitbit Steps: 340,578
Year-to-date Fitbit Steps: 1,506,623
Miles Ran: 2.78
Miles Walked: 50.52
Total Miles: 53.3
Year-to-date Miles: 241.69

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