Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Main Street Arts Festival

On Saturday we met Mandy, Dan, and Quinn downtown for the Main Street Arts Festival that is held in Fort Worth every spring. It's one of the largest art festivals in the country, from what I've read. I always enjoy going to look at everything, even if most of it is too expensive for me to actually buy, although last year I did purchase a couple of magnets and some earrings that I really liked.
We chose the wrong day to go because man, it was so crowded you couldn't hardly see into the booths to know if you wanted to take a closer look. Add in the lack of height that I have, and I really couldn't see much. Poor Kate couldn't see anything at all, I am sure, except for the people around her. It was also a little stressful keeping track of her, so we made her hold hands with someone at all times. I've only ever been during the week in the past, and I think in the future I will stick to just going on a Thursday like I usually do. It was raining this year on Thursday though.
We still had fun and ended up at Taco Diner to eat an early supper. That's probably my favorite place to eat downtown, although now that Cheesecake Factory had opened up it may have some competition.
Quinn is just about the cutest thing ever. I kid you not - every time you hold a cell phone up to her, this is the face that she makes:
She even does it for selfies. You can tell that Momma takes lots of phone pictures of her. Who wouldn't though? She's a doll.

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