Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Sunday

Easter was kind of actually a bummer this year, in a way. It was raining and yucky outside, so Kate din't get to run around the yard and hunt for Easter eggs. When we arrived at Yiayia's house, Nana had hidden the eggs around the inside of the house instead. Kate still enjoyed finding them, and she enjoyed opening them and finding money and candy as well, but it just wasn't quite the same. So it was a pretty lazy Easter.
We had fried chicken and all the fixings, and then spent the afternoon watching HGTV most of the day. Nick took a long nap, and I dozed off during a couple of shows as well. I think at some point we all fell asleep, actually, except for Kate and Yiayia. I suppose sometimes a lazy afternon is all you need.

Although we were running behind, I still made everyone stop and take a family photo before we left the house to go pick up Nana for church. It's a tradition, and I wasn't about to skip it this year.

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