Monday, April 6, 2015

MapMyWalk: March Update

As usual, I am running behind...pun not intended.

March Stats:
Fitbit Steps: 406,944
Year-to-date Fitbit Steps: 1,166,045
Miles Ran: 20.74
Miles Walked:32.88
Total Miles: 53.62
Year-to-date Miles: 188.39

My mileage was a little bit lower this month, despite walking way more steps because of Disney World. Not that I didn't hit the major steps in Disney:
 But since just general walking around steps do not count towards actual exercise steps, despite what my aching muscles may think, I technically only worked out once while we were in Florida because I was just too danged tired the rest of the time! Add approximately 4 days spent in the car getting to Florida and back...well you can see why this month was a little slower on the exercise miles. April will be better!

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