Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Registration Day

I am in a state of denial. Denial that come August, life is going to change. No more sleeping until 7:30/8-ish every more zoo trips during the week when it's not more random hanging out at the mall all day when it's rainy more vacations while kids are still in school so it's less crowded with other people's annoying children everywhere.....heck, even evening activities during the week will have to be limited because bedtime has to move up to a ridiculously early time.....SCHOOL IS STARTING. 

Of all the dumb reasons I wish I could homeschool Kate, none of them are actually legitimate, good reasons for it. They mostly stem around convenience for us, like flexible travel and not having to get up early, neither of which is a valid (or reasonable) reason for not enrolling Kate in public school. Let's also just admit right now that I would probably stink at homeschooling because I don't like schedules, I don't have a great deal of daily discipline about some things, and Kate and I would probably drive each other crazy.

So yesterday was kindergarten enrollment. Kate had a full day too - it was her second to last Tuesday of pre-school (and the last time I had to write that monthly check, YES!), followed by gymnastics, and immediately from gymnastics we headed to her new elementary school to register her. She was so excited!

After filling out all of the necessary paperwork, I was given the parent packet of necessary information (PTA, here I come) and then we were given a tour of the school with a small group of other in-denial parents and eager little kids. They took a photo of Kate, asked her to draw a picture of herself and write her name on it, then she got to make a small bracelet with exactly 10 beads on it, and finally she got to join in on a little dance party in another classroom with another teacher. As we left, they gave her a bag of free books, pencil, sticker, and bookmark. 
As we walked to the car, Kate declared that "Kindergarten is awesome!" We will see how she feels when I try to wake her up at 6:30 that first day. Her first bell rings at 7:30! What are these people hoping to accomplish by that??? We are definitely going to have to ease slowly into the earlier bedtime and waking time. Since the day we brought her home, Kate has always been a bit of a night owl and never an early riser, which I have always been very thankful for.
My girl is growing up!

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