Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Since we were going to have a busy day today, Kate decided to give me my mother's day gifts yesterday evening. As she did last year, she had made something special for me at school. She also did a little bit of shopping with Daddy too.

Nick and I actually bought one of my gifts in Cozumel at the Pandora store on the Puerta Maya pier. I had selected a cute little seahorse charm for my bracelet and the sales guy showed me the new mother's day charms and one of them caught my eye, so we decided to buy it there and Nick would just save that one for Kate to give me today. I had asked for a hanging basket for the front flower bed, so Kate picked out a pretty lavender colored one. They painted small clay pots at school and filled them with Hershey's kisses as well as a Mommy coupon book. I received a dozen red roses on Friday too! I am pretty spoiled.
 This afternoon when we got home from church, we did our annual mommy/daughter photos that we always take on this day. Bu this year Kate wanted to take a few photos of Daddy and me too, so we let her.

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