Tuesday, May 12, 2015

She's a graduate!

While I do believe that things like pre-school and kindergarten graduation...and 8th grade graduation...and all other grades that you can graduate from that aren't actually 12th grade are pretty pointless and kind of dumb, seeing Kate in a tiny little cap and gown tonight at her pre-school was pretty cute and made me tear up a couple of times.
She has been practicing her songs at home for weeks now, and tonight on the way into the building she confessed that she was a little bit nervous. Last year when she performed a song with her 3 year old class, she didn't sing at all. She kept glancing over at us and smiling really big, but never sang with the rest of her class. Tonight though, now that she is a big 5 year old, she sang every word and did very hand motion just perfect! Mommy was quite proud.
Everyone came to see her: Bill, Yiayia, Nana, Karyn, Gerald, Mom, Dad, Trey, and then me and Nick. She had a whole cheering section. She said later that she couldn't believe that everyone came to see her and she was so surprised to see everybody. She's definitely loved!

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