Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Concan/San Antonio Vacation, Day 4

Today was our last morning in Concan. We had to be out of our cabin by noon. This would also be our last day of vacation with Jason, Heather, and the kids because they headed home to Henderson this morning. Everyone woke up kind of reluctantly and slowly just from shear exhaustion. I think the length of time we spent at the river was perfect considering the ages of the kids right now. I'm not so sure the kids could have handled another day of river playtime. To be honest, the adults were pretty worn out too. We all had breakfast and then loaded Jason's car before saying our goodbyes for now. They pulled out of the driveway around 9:45 to make the trek home.
Since we didn't need to be out of the cabin until noon, and we were only driving to San Antonio instead of back to Fort Worth today, we took our time loading up and leaving. We walked back down to the river for one last goodbye and of course to throw some rocks. I'm not sure why the urge is so strong, but there's something about a never ending supply of rocks and a body of water that leaves you no choice but to throw a few.
After 30 minutes or so we headed back to the house to load the car, which is happily a little less packed than it was when we initially left home. We managed to drink the two cases of water we brought and ate quite a bit of the food, so even though we have a couple of bags of recycling stuff in the car we still have a little bit more room this time around. We went ahead and ate some lunch before we left as well. We stayed in Cypress Villa #8, which is owned by River Oaks Resorts. I recommend them if you ever find yourself in Concan.

The drive to San Antonio only took an hour and half so we arrived a little early to check in to the Ramada Inn. Kate was hungry, since she didn't eat anything other than a banana and Fiber One brownie before we left the cabin, so we stopped at McDonald's so she could eat a happy meal and play on the playground for a while. She needed to run off a little energy and found a friend to play with, so we sat for about an hour. After we got settled into our room, Kate and I went swimming in the pool for a while and Nick spent some quiet time studying in the room. Then it was time to shower and head into "downtown city" for dinner.

Kate wanted Mexican food, as usual, so we chose Casa Ole on the Riverwalk. They had really good queso and chips, as well as pretty good fajitas. I was not a fan of their hot sauce not only because it had a weird flavor but because it's served warm, which really grosses me out. But they had guacamole and pico de gallo so I survived.
We walked the Riverwalk for a little while, letting Kate lead us into shops and telling her no on every item that she just had to have, which seemed to be a lot of items. We got her some ice cream and I chose to have a giant dark chocolate peanut butter cup. Then we walked some more, and eventually made our way back up to street level so we could show Kate the Alamo.
It's kind of difficult to explain to a 5-year-old what the Alamo actually is. She seemed really interested in knowing, but I don't know that we did a good job with our explanations. Since it was already past 7:00, the gates were closed for the day so we could only see the outside. She was pretty bummed that we couldn't go inside, so I told her we might try to get back down there before we head home, but if not this trip I would definitely bring her back one day. We still took a few photos and walked around for a little while since the temperature was pretty perfect outside.

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