Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Concan/San Antonio Vacation, Day 3

We started Tuesday morning rested and ready to go. Around 9:45 this morning we headed 8 miles north of Concan into Garner State Park to do some hiking and then swim at the dam area they have on the Frio. We chose a trail that took us along the Frio and the scenery was beautiful. At times the trail was a bit challenging for the kids, but we were able to help everyone just fine.
We spent just about an hour on the trail before we made it back around to the big pavilion where we had parked. By then we were all hungry so we grabbed the cooler and proceeded to have a picnic in the park. The kids played for a little while after we ate, and then it was time to change into our swimsuits to hit the river again. We swam for just a little while, but some of us decided that we really wanted to float the river one more time before our vacation here was finished so we packed up and headed back to the cabin.
We knew there would be no way we could convince Logan or Kate to get back in the river on a tube, so Heather stayed with them at the cabin and Kylie, Jason, Nick and I loaded up to go back to Andy's to rent tubes and get a shuttle ride back to Seven Bluffs.
This time the float went a lot smoother and quicker than yesterday. It took just only about an hour and half, and that even included one stop along the way where there is a large rock outcropping and we took turns jumping from it into the river. It was definitely a more relaxing float without the little ones.
While we were floating, Heather took Logan and Kate back to Garner State Park to play at the playground for a little while and then they went to the sweets shop and had cupcakes and cookies. They had walked down to the river to play and look for rocks around the time that we arrived back at the house from our float.

Tonight was burger and hot dog night, so we fired up the grill outside and Jason cooked the burgers for us. Once we finished eating, the kids wanted one more play time in the river so we walked down the road to Avant Crossing and the played with their buckets, water guns, and one of Jason's tubes for a little while, until we began to lose our sunlight. Then it was back to the house for campfire and s'mores, as we have done every single night we have been here. I showed Heather how to do steel wool long exposure photography for a little bit before we got everyone in the bath to clean up and go to bed.

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