Friday, June 12, 2015

Concan/San Antonio Vacation Day 6

This morning we headed back to Sea World for another day of rides and shows. Originally I didn't realize that our tickets were for two days instead of just one day - I didn't buy them. Nick and I sat through a time share spiel in order to get the free tickets because it saved us a ton of money so we would be able to take Kate to Sea World. Once we realized we had two day tickets, we figured why not go twice? Once again, Kate grabbed her map first thing and began to plan the day. It was nice to already have a good feel for where everything is located in the park since we were just there yesterday.
 We didn't feel the need to catch all the shows again today so Kate spent a lot more time riding rides than anything. She played on the big ropes course in the kids area, as well as the splash park again for about an hour. She rode the Shamu coaster and carousel several times, and also this horrible spinning fish thing that I made Nick ride with her. I could barely stand to watch it.
 We spotted a cute penguin out today that we missed yesterday, so we grabbed a photo with him. Nick couldn't resist getting a picture with the Count, but Kate didn't want any photos with any of the Sesame Street characters, although she had plenty of opportunity because the park wasn't all that crowded today. She was never much of a Sesame Street fan though.
 I really wish that Sea World had more animal exhibits. The dolphin area and large aquarium are both closed for renovations, so we were really limited in the amount of animals there were to see. They also need a larger selection of rides. The kids area is great, and then to two large roller coasters are good thrill rides. There are a couple of water rides that I skip because I don't want to walk around in wet clothes...but other than that, there's not much else to do besides see all the shows. There are lots of carnival style games that you have to pay for and you might win a silly stuffed dolphin the size of a compact car, but who needs that? I'd rather see more aquariums and animals than games.
We left Sea World after viewing Azul one more time at 3:00. Since it was Kate's favorite show yesterday, she wanted to see it again. It was pretty much the same show, however the beluga whales did a few jumps that I didn't recall them doing yesterday.

When we got to our hotel Kate wanted to go swimming so we all hopped in the pool for about an hour to cool off and play. We showered and then headed to dinner at a local Mexican food place called La Fogata. It seemed like a really popular spot - we waited for a table for 48 minutes. I thought the food was good but not the most spectacular I've ever had. The atmosphere was really great though, so we enjoyed our evening.

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