Saturday, June 13, 2015

Concan/San Antonio Vacation Day 7

Our final day of vacation arrived this morning and I must say, I think we were all ready for this vacation to wind down. Seven days without much of a break from each other can lead to easily being annoyed by each other, not to mention that we are all pretty tired from a jam-packed week. We haven't had much down time this week, but Nick and I are pretty much hard-core vacationers. We don't tend to go places to lay around and not do anything. Kate has managed to keep up with us pretty well, although at the end of each day she has been so tired and ready for bed. She's a trooper though.
After we got the car packed this morning, we left the Howard Johnson Inn & Suites and headed for the San Antonio Zoo. I have been to this zoo once before, but it was about 16 years ago so I didn't remember much and I'm also guessing it has changed a bit since I was here before. It was Nick's first time though, as well as Kate's, obviously. She grabbed her zoo map as soon as we entered so she could figure out our plan of action.
This wasn't my favorite zoo by any stretch. It is kind of old school and I thought it was laid out a little strange. There also seem to be a lot more bird exhibits than any other type of animal, and birds are usually the one thing that we choose to skip when at the zoo because they stink. Birds are just pretty darn nasty, actually. Kate walked around the bird areas with her nose held and complained the whole time.
They only had one sad little elephant out today, and I'm not sure if that's all they have or what. There are no giraffes, although they are getting them this year. The lone tiger was up and moving around, bu the only lion was asleep, although they sleep about 20 hours a day so that isn't surprising. They did have quite a few smaller animals that our local zoo doesn't have, like random little rodent sized things and tons of small monkeys that we don't have at the Fort Worth Zoo. Kate didn't care for the monkeys either though because they also smelled really bad.  They also have several bears, and our only bears from Fort Worth got shipped off to somewhere else.
The hippo exhibit was awesome though - way better than our hippo pool at the Fort Worth Zoo. Our hippos are just hanging out in a little pool just past the elephants, and usually all you can see is a snout sticking out of the water. San Antonio has them displayed basically in a giant aquarium - so you view them from under the water. They have a ton of brightly colored fish hanging out with them, so it was really quite cool and you could get a good feel for just how massive their bodies are. I've always loved hippos - I think they are so cute!
We ate lunch at the zoo and managed to walk the whole thing in just about three hours. By then we were quite hot and ready to hit the road to head home. Kate watched movies all the way home and didn't start complaining about being in the car until we were almost home. She did great! I was quite happy to be home though and ready to sleep in my own bed for a change.

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