Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy birthday Karyn!

Karyn decided for her birthday this year we would all meet for lunch in the Stockyards and have some barbeque. She chose Riscky's, so we all met up on Wednesday to spend the afternoon acting like tourists along with Karyn's friend who had flown in from Massachusetts (I think). When people from up north come into town, it's only fitting to feed them ribs and parade cattle down the street in front of them.
 After lunch, we walked around in the shops at Stockyards Station. It's not so bad in the heat of the day since you're under the shade and somewhat enclosed. I had told Kate that there was a candy shop a few doors down, so that was our first stop and she managed to talk Bill into buying her 1.24 pounds of candy. She just grabbed a basket and started filling it like she was trick or treating. I don't think he really minded all that much. I even grabbed some saltwater taffy for myself because it's just so good.
 We wandered in and out of stores, looking around and telling Kate no since she wants and thinks she needs everything she sees. We went ahead and stayed for the 4 pm cattle drive before heading back to the house and calling it a day.

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