Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Swim Lessons

This week has been exhausting. Kate started swim lessons on Monday and we have been going non-stop ever since. Somehow we've managed to stretch a 45 minute swim lesson into being gone from the house pretty much all day, whether it's because we sat around at lunch for 3 hours with other moms and kids after swim is over talking or we've been with family doing stuff or I've been in Burleson finishing up house stuff for some friends of mine that are heading back to the states after living in Germany for several years. It's been a crazy week!

Kate has been doing really awesome with swim this year. She's in the advanced class, since this is her third year. She's made a lot of progress and now Cheryl is working on things like new techniques, proper breathing, and learning to dive.
Kate's in class with her friends Cassidy and Kaylee again, and this year we've made a new friend named Kendall. She and her mom have been having lunch with us too. Well, she's a new friend to us - she already knew everyone else. We have one more week - 4 more days - of craziness and then we will spend a weekend out of town. Maybe in July things will slow down.

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