Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another day at Holt Fiat of Fort Worth

I know, I said I wasn't going back to Holt Fiat of Fort Worth. Actually I said pigs would have to fly out of the sky playing the Superman theme on a flute before I would go back there. But I had to go back. I had been ignoring this recall notification for an airbag for a while now and the past few days my back-up camera had been acting up so I was kind of stuck. (The airbag under the steering column needed to be replaced because it was defective in the event of an accident IF the driver wasn't wearinga seat belt. Considering that it's the law to buckle up in Texas, I was in no hurry to have such a ridiculous thing taken care of.)

I could have gone to Holt Fiat in Hurst to take care of this, and on any other day I would have...however by the time I would have been heading home I would have had to contend with terrible traffic on 820 and it just wasn't worth it.

I took along my "test drive a new Fiat" postcard that I got in the mail the other day because they promised a $50 gift card for test driving, so I figured it would give me something to do while they messed around with my car. I was assuming that I would be forgotten for a couple of hours by the service department again like last time, so I needed activities planned.

It didn't take long after I stepped out onto the lot before I had a sales guy all over me. I checked out the 2016 Fiat 500X, which is a really nice car. It has a ton of standard features that I want on my 500L, like a keyless ignition and tire sensors if you get too close to something (or as my sales guys said "So if you're texting and driving you will be alerted before you run into something." True story.)  But the darn thing is smaller than the 500L, which for me is a no go. Despite his best efforts, I just could't do it so even though he wanted to go run some numbers I told him no. Of course he then wanted to run some numbers on trading in my 2014 on a 2015 500L.

Nick wasn't with me, so the only person's info they'd be running numbers on was mine. I don't have a job, right? Stay at home income. So I figured if he was that bored and wanted to play then fine, go run some numbers. I wasn't going anywhere anyway.

Would you believe that little old me with no income has some buying power thanks to Mr. Credit Score? Turns out my score was so good that they were offering to pay off my lease and get me out of that without penalty and put me in a 2015 500L for the exact same payment I was making right now.


After talking with Nick, which was not amused or excited when I called, and getting a couple of other opinions, and after making my sales guy swear that there were no hidden catches or surprises once I got to finance....well, I took the deal. Oh, and I still got the free $50 gift card for test driving the 500X!

Here she is, and she's beautiful:
 This one has is a 500L Trekking, which means it has a little bit nicer trim package than my Easy had. Score! Same payments and a step up. Her tires are cooler, and I love the blue. I still have my back-up camera, which I was unwilling to sacrifice. The interior is cooler...I love everything about it! I'm pretty certain than Nick will never allow me to step foot in a car dealership alone again.

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