Thursday, August 20, 2015

Meet the Teacher

Tonight was Meet the Teacher. I'm not going to lie - Kate has gone from excited about kindergarten to really scared, and I had hoped that coming to Meet the Teacher would calm her fears and bring her back to the excited side of things.
 We got to the school and took our place in the long line waiting for them to open the doors. We had a nice conversation with a family in front of us about the school, and I think her nervousness started to subside. She was excited about her cubby and the green box that already had her name on it. We took all of her supplies with us so that was out of the way and she helped us sort them out and put them where they needed to go.
 This is her teacher, Ms. Anderson, and I'm pretty sure that although it would have been a teenage pregnancy, I could have given birth to her. She's a second year teacher and a teeny tiny little thing. I'm taller than her! But Kate loved her and I think she will be very comfortable with her because she is in no way intimidating at all.
The kids' names were already on the jobs board and Nick was super excited that Kate's name was in the Recycler folder. It was fate!
 She left with a whole new perspective and is now super excited to begin school on Monday. She chose to have Jason's Deli for supper after we left the school.

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