Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to School Bash

Last night one of the familie from Northwest hosted their annual back to school party for kids going into kindergarten through 5th or 6th grade, something like that. The Blaggs had rented a huge water slide and several stations with water guns and water balloons for the kids to play and get wet. Kate was excited about the party until we arrived, and the huge water slide was full of rowdy boys. My precious daughter is not a fan of rowdy little boys, so she opted to not play on the water slide after all.

There was a station where you could make some sand art, so after hanging out with me for a while I finally convinced her to go play in the sand at least. I was busy taking photos for the party, and I wanted her to do something besides just stand there with that "these kids are wild and I don't like it" look on her face.
 After we finished eating sandwiches and chips, she finally decided to play with the water guns for a little while and threw a few water balloons at some of the kids. She's such an only child though - she would really rather not have to deal with anyone else. Or maybe that's just because she's my kid...hmmmm.

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