Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cousin Camp

Kate and I took a little mini-vacation from our life to spend a night in Forney with Pop and Nannie, who were also keeping Kylie and Logan for a few days. Originally Pop had asked if Kate would come and stay with just the other kids, but she wasn't quite ready for Mommy to be that far away so I ended up joining in on the overnight trip.

We spent the afternoon soaking in the hot sun in the neighborhood pool
 On Saturday morning, I woke up early and headed out for a walk, which was going great until I was just about 2 blocks from being back at the house. I tripped on an uneven section of the concrete and went down hard. In the process, I completely killed my iPhone screen, banged and scraped my right elbow, and scraped both of my knees really badly. I limped back to the house to clean my wounds and fret over my phone. Then we all headed into downtown Dallas to visit the Dallas World Aquarium.
 We had some lunch after finishing our aquarium tour and then Kate and I headed back home. We had a really fun weekend with everyone and Kate was pretty sad to be leaving Kylie and Logan again.

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