Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend in Mt Pleasant

We spent a weekend in Mt. Pleasant to attend a "hey you're out of the Navy and have a new job" party for Will. He, Heather and Olivia have finally moved back to Mt. Pleasant for good. We got to spend the weekend at their place instead of getting a room at our usual Comfort Inn. Kate was super excited to spend the whole weekend with Olivia. They played so great and they are such good little friends. They hardly ever have little arguments or fights, so they have a great time.
The girls went swimming down at Tracie and Landon's house for a little while before it was party time. I helped Heather and her mom set everything up for the party. I think our table turned out awesome...we could totally rock out a catering business together.
On Sunday we had a relaxing day and just let the girls play together before we hit the road to head home. Kate even cried wen we left because she was so sad that we live so far away from her best friend....although we live so much closer now then we used to since they moved back.

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