Friday, September 11, 2015

Kindergarten - Week 3

This week in kindergarten, Kate was chosen for the most coveted job in all of the class: LINE LEADER. She has been talking about line leader since the first day of school, and only 3 weeks in she was rewarded with the "best job ever". When I picked her up on Tuesday, she couldn't wait 30 seconds to tell me what her job for the week was. I decided not to point out that technically this wasn't the best week to be line leader, since they were out of school on Monday, so she kind of got ripped off just a tad...I opted to just congratulate her and be excited with her. By Thursday evening she was telling Nick how she was really the best line leader so far for the school year so it just made sense to her that Ms. Anderson allow her to keep that job all year long.

Wednesday afternoon we had hair appointments, so I took Kate right after school to have our hair trimmed. I had hoped to do that over the weekend, but our stylist was out of town for Labor Day and we couldn't wait until the following weekend because we had company coming into town!

On library day, Kate got to check out her first library book ever and she chose Curious George's First Day of School. We will have to take turns reading it to her until it is time to return it to the library and check out another book. She made sure that she went over the library book rules with me so that we wouldn't ruin her book.

As we were walking into school this morning, Kate was excited that we had arrived at the same time as her friend Tatum, who is in her class. She and Tatum have quickly become really good friends, so they held hands all the way into the cafeteria together.

After school today, we have company arriving! Heather, Will, and Olivia are coming to stay with us a couple of nights to celebrate Heather's birthday tomorrow. Kate is beyond excited to have Olivia at our house!

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