Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekend Visitors!

Friday afternoon around 3:30 pm the Hooks finally arrived at our house. Kate had spent every other minute since she got home from school running to the front window and back to check on their arrival. We hung out at the house for a little while since Nick wouldn't be home from work just yet. Will took a little catnap in our recliner and the girls got busy playing in Kate's room right away.

We met Nick for dinner at Rosa's around 5:30. The weather has finally started cooling off, so we sat on the patio and enjoyed our food. After dinner, we convinced the daddies to take the girls back to the house so the mommies could go to Target and shop a little bit. Heather needed to pick up a couple of things and we just wanted a little alone time to hang out, just the two of us. Naturally we lost track of time and didn't realize we had been gone all that long.

Around bath time we started getting the texts from the dads so we had to head home. The girls were already in the tub together playing mermaids, so we quickly got them taken care of and allowed a little bit of a late bedtime since this was a special weekend.

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