Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy birthday Heather!

 I planned a full day for us yesterday to celebrate Heather's birthday. We started off our morning by heading to the Stockyards for the morning cattle drive and some shopping. We browsed in some of the shops in Stockyards Station for a little while before heading outside to walk around. Olivia rode a pony but Kate opted to watch from the sidelines. (Saved me $6.) We found our spot on the sidewalk for the cattle drive.
 When the cattle drive was over, we headed down to Risckey's for some BBQ. Nick and I shared a plate with pork ribs, brisket, and a 1/2 chicken along with cole slaw, baked beans and potato salad. Everyone else had a chopped beef sandwich but Kate, who had grilled cheese. Then we walked some more and browsed through a few more of the shops on the west end of the street. Will stopped by the winery and sampled some local wines.
 Just before we left, I took the opportunity to take a few photos of Olivia for Heather. Then we headed back to the house so the girls could play some more, the dads could nap, and the moms could work on a couple of craft projects we needed to do while Heather was here.

 Dinner time meant that we were heading downtown, or to Downtown City as Kate calls it, to enjoy the atmosphere in Sundance Square. Heather chose Razzoo's for dinner. We convinced Kate to try some of Nick's fried catfish and she really liked it! She ate a whole filet. I was quite proud of her. Often we are unable to convince her to try new things.
 After dinner we did a little bit of shopping and then some walking around. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and I am so happy that fall is finally approaching. I love being downtown and when the weather is nice as well, I really don't want to leave. Kate always asks when we are moving to downtown city. I wish, kiddo!
We made our way over to The Cupcakery so we could all choose a cupcake to celebrate the birthday girl. I chose chocolate chocolate passion, Nick had a chocolate peanut butter, Kate chose red velvet, Olivia picked the birthday cake, Heather had wedding cake, and Will chose salted caramel. We found a table under the giant umbrellas and went to town on our cupcakes. We walked around the area for a little bit and then decided to meander down to the Water Gardens. After seeing all the fountains down there, we wandered back to the parking garage to head home for the night.

This whole weekend I have been really hoarse and hardly had a voice, and to be honest I woke up Saturday morning feeling really badly. I had every essential oil I could think of on so I could make it through the day, because I refused to spend my day sick while they were here. But this morning I slept in and am resting today, because really I don't feel fantastic. I hope by tomorrow I am doing better since I am working!

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