Thursday, September 17, 2015

First Eye Doc Visit

Because she had started school and had never been to the eye doctor to have her eyes checked, I decided to schedule an appointment for Kate just to make sure that she was able to see just fine. She had only mentioned once or twice that she was having trouble seeing something, so we were not sure if that was because of a vision issue or because she was just tired at the time. Let's face it,genetically speaking, she will end up with glasses at some point. Sorry, kiddo.

She was a little bit nervous but I had tried to reassure her that eye doctors do not use needles for things. I think she assumes that doctor means "I will get shots" of some kind and who is a fan of that? Not me. I purposely didn't tell her about the machine that blows air into your eyes. I figured she would never sit down for that if I did.

 She did great though! It helped that I was also having my eyes checked at the same time so she got to watch Momma do everything first before it was her turn. Since I survived the experience, she knew she could too. I was surprised that she agreed to do the second eye after the first one, really. She was not a fan of that puff of air, but she made it through without crying. I was proud of her bravery for that.

 In the pre-exam room, the tech had her cover one eye and read letters for her. Now I had just done this same thing, and on one of my smaller lines I had to read Kate informed me very loudly that I got a letter wrong. The tech thought this was cute. When it was her turn to read lines, she did really well until she got down to the tiniest little line on the card that she was holding at the time. The tech asked if she could read any of those letters, and Kate promptly removed the cover from her second eye and leaned really close to start reading. We both got a big laugh out of that!
Thankfully, Kate's eyes are perfect for now and my vision is still 20/20 with both eyes open. Individually they're each just slightly off, but since they correct each other nicely it's not an issue. So far I'm still getting my money's worth out of that PRK I had back in 2007.

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