Sunday, September 20, 2015

Howie & Otis

  Last night I had a wedding shoot at Classic Oaks Ranch, in between Mansfield and Burleson. It is a beautiful venue and the best part? Camels! The owners have two camels who live at the ranch, Howie and Otis. It seems that every single bride and groom just have to have their photos taken with them, so after we finished what we needed to shoot after the ceremony, Jake and I hopped on a golf cart along with the bride and groom to go meet the guys.
 The secret to getting a photo with camels is to have a chunk of food in your hand. They will lean over and around you to get at the food...and anything else you are holding or wearing. Apparently camels are a bit like goats in that they will eat pretty much anything. One of them tried to grab my phone as I was trying to take a selfie, so the owner took my phone from me to get a bunch of photos.
 Otis (the lighter one) grabbed at my sunglasses on top of my head to see if they were edible. They were a lot of fun - and huge! Camels have really big heads. But they are really soft and furry.
 Finally Jake came over to join in and get some photos with them too. He had been shooting some photos of the couple at the pond, which I am sure turned out awesome.
 Then we grabbed a couple with the bride and groom as well before heading back up to the venue for the reception. It's not every wedding that you get to shoot with camels, for sure.

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