Friday, October 2, 2015

Lunch Date

Kate has been asking me to come eat lunch with her for a week or so now, and I have been unable to do so because of my new job. I finally managed to have a day off on Monday, so I headed to Whataburger to pick up a little burger for each of us and off to school I went.

I checked into the main office and received my temporary guest name badge to wear and then waited for Kate's class to round the corner to the cafeteria. Her jaw dropped when she saw me sitting there. I was happy I was able to surprise her!
We enjoyed our burgers while she pointed out all the names of the kids in her class to me, which I asked for so I could put faces with all these names I keep hearing stories about. She sat next to Logan that day, her little friend in class, and he's a dorky (in a cute kindergarten way) little sweet boy that she plays with a lot. Addison and Tatum are of course her best friends though.
Yesterday morning Kate informed me that she was ready for me to just take her into the drive through drop off line at school and let her out of the car instead of parking next to the school and walking her into the cafeteria like I have been doing since day one. We went from the first week of her wanting me to walk her all the way to class to just staying in the cafeteria until the teacher came to just saying bye once she got into the cafeteria and now I'm not even allowed to get out of the car!

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