Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween: Final Day of Carving

Well here we are, it's 4 pm and the pumpkins have all been carved and are arranged in the garage for easy set up. We have a game plan for setting them up out in the yard, and now all we do is wait for the time to start. It won't be long now and the mad dash to get all of the pumpkins in the yard, get candles inside, and light every one of them as the crowds start to arrive. It will be slow and steady at first, and then it will be crazy busy. But for now, we have quiet before the storm and Nick even went to take a nap.

Here's what we carved today:

As usual, my two difficult pumpkins were saved for today, although neither of them took as long as I originally thought they would. The kraken attacking a pirate ship took me 39 minutes and the locomotive took me on hour and 36 minutes.
 I also finished this last pumpkin since no one else wanted to carve it:
Nick did one pumpkin today with Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein:
Jenny came back today to carve her last two pumpkins. She is about to graduated from A&M law school, so she did two Aggie pumpkins:
 We have 56 pumpkins for the yard this year. It's painful - like it really, really hurts to be only FOUR little pumpkins away from 60 and not hit that number. BUT, I'm super proud of what we did accomplish. We were beyond efficient this year and it made a huge difference. Kate and I have been spending the night at Vickie's house since Wednesday when we started carving, that way she could still get to bed early for school but I could still stay up later and carve more pumpkins. It worked out quite nicely.

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