Thursday, November 5, 2015

Guess who's 6?!

Kate's birthday is going to turn into a month long affair this year, since we decided not to have a traditional birthday party and instead do a few activities here and there and get together with family at different times to celebrate.

She started off the morning of her birthday with two presents to open before school. I bought her several more pairs of pants because she needed them, and we also let her open a new mermaid Barbie because no one wants to just open pants for their birthday (at least not when you're 6). I also spent a ridiculous amount of money on a birthday card that sings because she would like it. Really a waste of $4.99 but whatever.
Off to school she went, and Daddy and I knew we would both see her at 10:55 for lunch. It was supposed to be a surprise for us to bring her lunch, but the little stinker checked her lunchbox before we left the house and informed me that I forgot to put her sandwich inside, so I had to admit that I was bringing her lunch. However I didn't mention Daddy, so at least I got to keep that part a surprise. We came bearing Whataburger and a birthday cupcake.
After school I gave her another present, this time a teacher Barbie with a little desk and student along with a real chalkboard. It's really cute, and I knew she needed it because she plays school all the time these days.
We then headed to dinner at Rosa's to meet up with another surprise date: Cassidy, Susan and Brynlee. Kate was super excited to see Cassidy since they don't get to hang out much these days, and we had a nice dinner until we finally had to call it a night because the girls were acting crazy and disturbing other diners.
Once we got home, I went ahead and let Kate open her last three presents. I picked up a couple of new movies to add to her collection. She's also been wanting pretty much every Little Live Pet that they sell so I picked up a couple of the mice along with a mouse house and the little trail that they can run around on. She hurried through her bath so she could have some playtime because it was bedtime, and we let her stay up just a little bit late since it was a special day.
Happy birthday Kate! I can't believe you are 6 years old.

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