Saturday, November 7, 2015

Celebrating some more birthday!

After school on Friday I let Kate play on the playground for a little while before we left. Her best school friend Tatum was staying too, which means Tilly got to play. She's Tatum's little sister and about the cutest little thing ever. She's extremely affectionate, so many days as I'm walking up to the school to wait for Kate I get the pleasure of watching Tilly's eyes light up when she spots me coming, and she runs over to give me a huge hug. Tilly hugs are a highlight of my day, when she's giving them out.
When we got home from school, Kate had some birthday mail waiting for her from Olivia. She loves getting mail so she was really excited to open her box and play with her new toy. She and Olivia got to facetime on my phone and then it was time to head to dinner.
We headed to Yiayia's for supper. We were going to eat first and then do presents and cake, but Kate just couldn't stand waiting until after we ate (everyone knows how patient 6-year-olds can be). They surprised her with her very own record player! Yiayia has one at her house and Kate has been listening to records with her since she was very young. They have all kinds of Disney records and story books on record, so it seemed only fitting that Kate finally have her own. She even picked up some records for Kate's very own collection. They also got a tent for her bed, so now she has somewhere to hide out and read her books in privacy. She got a pretty new dress as well and a couple of movies.
We had dinner and afterwards we all enjoyed a big piece of Nana's yummy chocolate chip cookie cake, which is what Kate requested this year for her birthday.

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