Friday, November 13, 2015

Field Trip Day!

Kate boarded her first real school bus today and took a field trip with the entire kindergarten class to the Fort Worth Zoo. Since she's been to the zoo a million times, I think she was a little more excited about riding a real school bus than she was about seeing the animals...not that the zoo isn't exciting.

I volunteered as a chaperone and met the buses at the zoo around 9:30. We were all wearing our hot pink class shirts, and the other kids were wearing their teacher's colors as well. I thought the t-shirts were an excellent idea and made a huge difference in keeping up with the kids for sure.

Each parent was assigned 2-3 kids to watch over for the day, and since Kate only has 6 girls in her whole class of 19 kids, we decided to make it a girl day and all of us stayed together, so I had two other moms with me and we had 6 girls to watch over. They were all so good and we had a lot of fun.

The Cool Moms 
Class shot before we all split up!

Ms. Anderson with her girls!

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