Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Salute to Poultry

Kate was in her first school program tonight at High Country Elementary. She has been so excited for weeks to get to be on stage, and she was even chosen to have a speaking part! The program theme was A Salute to Poultry, and the kids each recited lines to a poem about the night before Thanksgiving (like the night before Christmas) followed by several songs about turkeys and even a chicken dance. Each kid could choose to dress as a turkey, Indian, or pilgrim. Kate chose an Indian, which worked out awesome because Yiayia had a pattern to make an Indian dress! They bought her some real moccasins too, and she was the cutest little Indian up there!
She had quite an entourage to see her performance too. Papa Joe is in town from Denver, so he was able to be there, along with Grandma, Yiayia, Nana, Bill, and Pop. Of course Mommy and Daddy were there too.
Kate's speaking lines were:
"The turkeys were chunky with smiley-beaked faces. They greeted the children with downy embraces."
It took her about 2 days to completely memorize her lines, and even know she can recite several of her classmates lines as well.
Kate with her two little best buddies, Addy and Tatum

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