Sunday, November 22, 2015

East Texas Wedding

Kate and I hit the road Saturday morning to head east to Mount Pleasant to attend the wedding of my younger cousin, Rikki. I originally wasn't going to make the trip there for the ceremony since we were already planning on going to Mount Pleasant for Thanksgiving, but I felt guilty not going and then I found out that Jason was officiating, so then I really wanted to go. Nick couldn't get away since they're a little short-staffed in his department at the moment, so I let him stay behind. We were only going for one night - we had to be back in Keller by lunch time for Grandma Peggy's Thanksgiving feast!

The first thing we did when we arrived in Mount Pleasant was grab a burger at Mount Pleasant Burgers & Fries. They're pretty much amazing and I always try to get one when I'm in town. After eating, we headed out to Grandma's for a little while to visit with her before heading to the house to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding took place at a really nice country venue called The 80 Acres. It's fairly new to the area, or at least didn't exist when I lived there, so this was my first time to an event there. They've got an impressive venue space and the people were really nice.
Grandma with Logan, Kylie, and Kate
My uncle Brent
Nikki, the bride's older sister, and Jason
The bride and her adorable little girl, Charleigh
My crazy aunt Sheila and uncle Brent
 After the ceremony, which was really sweet and funny too because Jason did an awesome job, we headed inside out of the cold for some barbeque and pie. We didn't stay much longer after the food was served because there was an open bar and the crowd of friends were a rowdy bunch. So we opted to leave before the beer started doing the thinking.

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