Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving with Grandma Peggy

As per tradition, on Sunday before Thanksgiving we headed over to Nick's grandmother's house in Keller for Korte family Thanksgiving. Kate and I made it back into town in plenty of time to get over there for lunch, and this was our last chance to spend time with Joe before he flew back to Denver.
The crowd this year wasn't huge, but there was still a house full. It doesn't take much to fill Peggy's house, but somehow no matter how many people show up everyone manages to have a place to sit and eat their food. Some years I don't know how that is possible without us eating in shifts.

Nick wore the special Thanksgiving shirt I bought for him for his year: Did someone say pie? Peggy's cherry pie is his absolute favorite of any pie in the whole world, so it was perfect. He matched his pie eating record this year with 7 pieces. The boy loves pie.
I managed to take a little nap in the recliner after lunch while some of the family was outside playing frisbee with some paper plates they had stapled together because no one had an actual frisbee. It wasn't long before it was time for Nick and John to take Joe to the airport to head home. Kate and I headed home with a car full of cookies, pie, and some butter gooey cake this year. Peggy always spoils everyone with plenty of sweets.

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