Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We spent Thanksgiving Day in Mount Pleasant this year. Grandma had a full house as usual, and now that I'm an adult I get to help cook the meal rather than being repeatedly told to "get out of the kitchen". In fact, I was the one ordering the kids an men out of our way at times, which is a fun change for me. Nikki carved the turkey this year and Sheila helped prepare food as well as my uncle Kent's fiancee, Elaine. She's practically my aunt by now - although they aren't officially married by now I think they've been living together long enough now that common law marriage has kicked in.
Nick spent most of the day entertaining the little kids, which involved many miles on the golf cart around the property. He also played card games with them and stayed with them outside while they ran around and explored. It's pretty cool to watch my daughter run around and play in the same yard that I did when I was a kid and waiting for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to be ready. I wonder if she sees things the same way as I once did as I ran around the big pecan trees.
We had more than enough to eat and even more sweets on top of that. After going back to the house to rest and let Kate play with Livi's toys again for a little while, we went back out to Grandma's and splurged on leftovers, as is our tradition. I wasn't even hungry, and yet I still managed to eat another helping of dressing and sweet potatoes, followed by more pie of course. Thanksgiving was a diet disaster for sure.

On Friday we loaded the car headed to Forney. Jason and Heather and the kids were at Dad's for the day so we went to see them and eat...again. It was rainy, so we didn't get to play outside like we normally do when we are there. We all got a bit of cabin fever at one point, so Jason, Heather, Nick and I headed to Walmart to do some Christmas shopping. It was one of the only choices in Forney, but I managed a pretty productive trip and purchased several things on my list.
We finally headed home that evening. I was happy to be back in my own bed for the night.

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